Tuesday, March 6, 2018

New Shield Painting

I just finished a new painting for the "Shield" series of work. It is called Halo Ark of the Golden Aspen. I wanted it to glow .....like the aspens in fall light up the mountains.  See how you like it. D

Thursday, February 1, 2018

New Paintings: Shields for the Environment

As soon as the election happened a year ago, I knew I had to do whatever my art-self could for helping keep the world safe. I'm a painter; and the natural balance has been a focus since I began this journey 35 years ago. So my personal inclination was to extend that focus into my interpretation of preserving and protecting that natural balance in the best way I know how. Thus began Shields for the Environment.

It's been a slow start, but I am rolling again!  You saw my first attempt at this in the previous blog post of 9/22/17, Guardians of the Night Sky.
Ark for the Golden River is the new piece, fresh off the easel. Hope you like it.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Love Those Magpies!!

Magnificent Marauder

I have painted a lot of birds over the years, but the ones most prevalent in my immediate environment are the magpies. They are here at my place every day of the year, they nest just across the field, and good grief!!, they are such posers!!  Here are a few of the paintings I have done, bringing them all together.

A Quiet Moment
Cherry Picker

Late Day Leisure

Eyin' The Grapes

Fall Colors

True Blue

Alice's Circle of Enchantment

Hope you love them too!!

Friday, September 22, 2017

High Road Art Gallery Honoring Work of Art Tour Organizers

When you drive through Truchas, the High Road Art Gallery, previously known as the Marketplace is a "must see". On display are a wide range of artworks by the cooperative members, including traditional and contemporary arts of the region. There are retablos, pottey, paintings, corn husk dolls, cards, jewelry, prints, wood carvings and much, much more.  This year there is also a special display from some of the original artists involved in the High Road Art Tour, now celebrating its 20th Anniversary.

Multiple pieces of my artwork are available there. Here are two:

Summer's End, giclee print on paper

Winter Heart, acrylic on canvas

AFTH Penasco displays "After the Cooling Rains"

A highlight of the High Road Art tour is always Art for the Heart in Penasco, a coop gallery that displays the fine art and handcrafts of artisans in the area.
You can find my cards, some giclee prints (at reduced prices), and several originals. Here are two of my paintings available there now and and until the end of the season.

After the Cooling Rains, acrylic on canvas

The Long Journey Home, acrylic on board with collage

"Guardians of the Night Sky" at Gaucho Blue Fine Art Gallery

Guardians of the Night Sky, acrylic on paper
Every year during the High Road Art tour, Gaucho Blue Fine Art Gallery in Penasco shares exhibit space with select artists of the area. This year, as you travel to tour route, you can see two of my pieces there. Please stop by for a look at some of the fine art on display.

Also in the same gallery is the work of "Teodoras de Las Trampas", a Northern New Mexico fabric artists' collective.

Between the Realms: Blood Moon Eclipse 2015

Sunday, September 10, 2017

2017 High Road Tour: 20th ANNIVERSARY!!!

Dear Art Tour Family: The 2017 High Road Tour is just around the corner, September 16, 17, 23, 24, 10-5. This is our 20TH ANNIVERSARY!!  Can you believe it?!
Regrettably it will also be my final year to be on the tour trail. I just wanted to let everyone know that I am selling a lot of my artwork at reduced prices and am also willing to look at all offers. So please come and visit my studio and also the rest of this spectacular tour.

                                                                          We have also produced an Anniversary Commemorative coloring book which includes High Road Artisan history, some of the historic sites along the tour route, and images from many artists who have participated in the art tour over the entire 20 year history. These will be available at  my studio and multiple other sites along the tour route. Thank you for being a visitor to this most amazing New Mexico region, THE HIGH ROAD TO TAOS.

Late Day Leisure

Journey Between Two Worlds; Tir Na Nog

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Final Weekend for 2016 High Road Art Tour

This is the perfect fall day.  Last night there was a frost, so today there is a true fall nip in the air. The mountains peaks have a light dusting of snow. The leaves have begun to turn. The ground is covered with purple asters and golden chamisa everywhere you look. And the Maxamillian sunflowers have opened, as always, just in time. You will be glad you made the drive once you feast your eyes on all the amazing scenery and incomparable art. See you later!!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

High Road Art Tour starts THIS WEEKEND!!

OK folks; I am definitely out of time! This is the last painting, titled Oh Those Magpies, I can possibly finish before the tour starts. I only have today and tomorrow left to finish organizing, hang the work properly and get the studio clean. Time to put the paints away! Sure hope to see you here this weekend or next, Sept 17, 18, 24, 25, 2016.



Sunday, September 11, 2016

"Drifting into Winter" Finished in Time for High Road Art Tour

The process piece, Drifting into Winter" is finished just in time to be displayed during High Road Art Tour, which happens the 17th and 18th, 24th and 25th of this month.  This painting, along with "Heralds of the Dawn" will be available at Gaucho Blue Fine Art Gallery in Penasco.

On careful observation, note that these two paintings have been created with basically the same palette. In greater abundance are burnt sienna, raw sienna, burnt umber, cadmium yellow medium, cadmium yellow light, chromium oxide green, phthalo blue and titanium white. In lesser amounts are alizarin crimson, Indian yellow and a pinch of cadmium orange hue.  The big difference is in one pair of blues.

"Drifting into Winter" takes place close to sundown in the autumn. Light is losing its brilliance, shadows are darker and coolness is evident. As was stated in the previous process post, this effect was achieved mostly with the addition of a new blue, called iridescent blue in the Novacolor paint line.  The painting "Heralds of the Dawn" is a spring painting, but it is not yet really warm outside in spite of hawthorn blooms and bluebird presence. Dawn has barely risen. A mix of cerulean blue and cobalt turquoise make up this blueness, along with some phthalo in the darker area. But this sky is, none-the-less, cool in tone; just not quite so cool as in the other painting.

Now let's face it, blue, by nature, is a cool color. If you want to wear clothes that speak "summer", for instance,  they will not be blue ones, unless they are very light blue.  But that can be true of any blue....why? It's because of the addition of white, which warms up any darker color. Since blues are by nature cool there are a myriad of opinions out there about which are comparatively the warmest blues. It breaks down to this, I believe, for painting; if it appears brighter to the eye, it will seem warmer. Add white, add warmth, with one caveat. There will be a mid point beyond which the addition of white will make it appear more cool again. Add a little yellow, add a little red, again blue becomes warmer. But again, beware the midpoint. Darker greens and purples are going to again become cool.

So what is this confusing mish mash? Don't go telling your art teachers I said this, but warm and cool, in the realm of paints, are more in the eyes of the beholder than any other sense. Phthalo blue is considered a warm blue by color theorists because it has an addition of red. But to my eye, phthalo blue is cool, cool cool. These designations are, after all, visual perceptions that are seen through sight sensors, of a temperature perception, felt though skin sensors; both of which can result from the lack or presence of light. It's all in perception, which includes more mental processes than those provided by the senses alone. Nearly everyone will associate warmth with summer and daylight and coolness with winter and darkness.

If you put blue next to orange, it's compliment, the result pops, giving the combination warmth, as does friction. But if you mix blue and orange, the result is a neutral, which generally, by nature, is cool. It moves back in space, it calms colors around it, etc. If you are totally confused buy now, just go paint....it works! And while you're at it, remember those same blues show up in that cool water and those dark neutrals.