Monday, February 4, 2019

Millicent Rogers Miniature Exhibit

The Millicent Rogers Museum in Taos will is presenting its annual miniatures exhibit February 8th til March 3, 2019. This exhibit, year after wonderful year, never disappoints. The opening takes place Friday evening the 8th at 5:30 PM. It's a great time to meet the artists....scores of them...including multiple artists from the High Road: Jean Nichols, Lise Poulsen, Joel Lage, and yours truly, Donna Caulton.

My painting this year is one of the Fire in the Sky series, this one called August Blaze. Summer wildfires are dangerous and way too frequent. The colors, however, in sunrise and sunset horizons are magnified and dramatic, characteristics irresistible to artists who like painting the sky.

August Blaze

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Don't miss Gaucho Blue when visiting this year's High Road Art Tour.

I am so happy to let everyone know that this painting, Halo Ark of the Golden Aspen, has sold at Gaucho Blue Fine Art Gallery in Penasco, NM.  There are some really good reason why this makes me happy.

To begin with, this painting is particularly important to me. It is the first painting to sell from my Shield series. I particularly like that almost everyone who saw it was drawn to it in a way that makes me believe I'm on the right track with this new work.
Also, I am thrilled that Gaucho Blue,, was able to sell it. I have had work there for years, but this is the first piece of substantial size that has sold. I am thrilled and it is also good for the gallery.

Now you really MUST stop in at Gaucho Blue when you Take the High Road for this year's annual art tour.  My studio, for the first time, will not be open for tour but you will be able to see my work at Gaucho Blue and at the High Road Art Gallery in Truchas, so don't miss it!!
Art tour happens for the next 2 weekends, Sept. 22nd, 23rd and Sept 29th and 30th. There are some new artists and some old standby's. Happy Trails!!

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Monday, July 16, 2018

Mangione Designs

OK all friends, followers and lovers of the entrepreneurial spirit: Let me introduce you to the new web page of my ingenious granddaughter, Olivia Mangione.  She is a student at Western WA University in Bellingham, WA and, as you will note, exceeded the expectations of many of her peers.  She is creative, edgy, urban and very much in sync with the "times" in which she lives. Please check her website for your graphic needs.....and thanks.


Friday, July 13, 2018

Penasco Area Garage Sale, Saturday July 14, 2018

Summer's End, giclee print
More than 40 sellers will be peddling their wares during tomorrow's annual Penasco area garage sale. I will be setting up in the parking lot of Gaucho Blue Fine Art Gallery, where there is bound to be a large selection of "stuff" with something for everyone.  There will be fibers, art supplies, household goods, electronics, walking sticks, a myriad of odds and ends with something for everyone. At my table I will also be selling my small giclee prints and etchings at a greatly reduced price of $10 each.
Here are a couple of examples;

The Turning, solar etching

Rainbow Jubilee, giclee print

Summer's Moon, solar etching

And of course Gaucho Blue will be open where there is a lovely exhibit of arts and handcrafts by local artists, as well as the fiber arts of Tejadoras.

Monday, June 4, 2018

"Late Day Desert", acrylic painting.

Always love having a new painting to post. This one is called Late Day Desert and was submitted for this year's museum show for Women Artists of the West at Price Tower in Bartlesville, OK. Wish me luck!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Evolution of an Artist's Studio

For a long time I've been thinking it would be fun to put up a series of posts that showed how my studio came together...on the cheap.  However, since the work took place between 8 and 10 years ago, I can't offer any real-life figures regarding costs...I just didn't keep them. And I also was not really very good at taking photos...too busy working!  I would say everything came in under $4000, maybe a lot under that amount.  That includes labor and material costs and permits where required.

The space that inhabits my studio is an adobe structure that originally looked like a two door garage, 24 ft square. The doors were the heavy 2 x 4 and plywood type barn doors. The floor was on a slant and was dirt only.

The wall straight ahead in this photo is an adobe mud wall.  The wall to the right is a sheet-rock wall that separates the space, leaving about 7 x 24 feet of space in the back for storing lumber, tools, etc.

Ceiling Vigas

The main reason I could do this on a smaller amount of money is because not all of the work is done to code. The electrical most certainly is, however, as is most of the construction. Basically I did whatever I had to do to make a safe and comfortable work space as well as a space where I could show my work to studio visitors.

The first step: the floor. I hope I can locate some photos before the next post.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

New Shield Painting

I just finished a new painting for the "Shield" series of work. It is called Halo Ark of the Golden Aspen. I wanted it to glow the aspens in fall light up the mountains.  See how you like it. D

Thursday, February 1, 2018

New Paintings: Shields for the Environment

As soon as the election happened a year ago, I knew I had to do whatever my art-self could for helping keep the world safe. I'm a painter; and the natural balance has been a focus since I began this journey 35 years ago. So my personal inclination was to extend that focus into my interpretation of preserving and protecting that natural balance in the best way I know how. Thus began Shields for the Environment.

It's been a slow start, but I am rolling again!  You saw my first attempt at this in the previous blog post of 9/22/17, Guardians of the Night Sky.
Ark for the Golden River is the new piece, fresh off the easel. Hope you like it.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Love Those Magpies!!

Magnificent Marauder

I have painted a lot of birds over the years, but the ones most prevalent in my immediate environment are the magpies. They are here at my place every day of the year, they nest just across the field, and good grief!!, they are such posers!!  Here are a few of the paintings I have done, bringing them all together.

A Quiet Moment
Cherry Picker

Late Day Leisure

Eyin' The Grapes

Fall Colors

True Blue

Alice's Circle of Enchantment

Hope you love them too!!

Friday, September 22, 2017

High Road Art Gallery Honoring Work of Art Tour Organizers

When you drive through Truchas, the High Road Art Gallery, previously known as the Marketplace is a "must see". On display are a wide range of artworks by the cooperative members, including traditional and contemporary arts of the region. There are retablos, pottey, paintings, corn husk dolls, cards, jewelry, prints, wood carvings and much, much more.  This year there is also a special display from some of the original artists involved in the High Road Art Tour, now celebrating its 20th Anniversary.

Multiple pieces of my artwork are available there. Here are two:

Summer's End, giclee print on paper

Winter Heart, acrylic on canvas